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Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.

These are the principles upon which I've built my business.

Diablo Hills Accounting is not your average accounting service. We will do your accounting, certainly, but we will also work with you to grow your business and your profitability, by helping you get your receivables paid, evaluating your spending, and recommending ways to cut costs, all while being empathetic to you, the extremely busy small business owner. I've seen what works for small businesses, including my own, and will pass that expertise on to you. 

You will never see us apply a blanket solution. We give each of our clients personal attention and an accounting system that works for them. We value service, timely responses, and enthusiasm around lifting the burden of accounting from your shoulders while enlightening you to your business's possibilities through knowing your numbers. We will provide the information you need in order to give us the information we need. We'll work closely with your tax preparer so you don't have to.

Some of our clients actively participate in their day-to-day bookkeeping, some leave it all to us, some feel most comfortable with a bit of both, and some have opted for our online "virtual" bookkeeping services. Click here to see some of our clients' testimonials.

Every business decision that you make should be based upon experience or upon current information. Without specific metrics to gauge your success, you will have no data to determine what’s working.

My name is Hillary Chandler. As Owner, Accountant, Certified Professional Bookkeeper, and Certified Quickbooks Specialist, I will provide you with financial information about your business that will help you to make continually informed decisions for the future.

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