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Many small businesses fail in their first years, oftentimes due to poor financial management. You might not be reaping the benefits of a good set of analyzed books if you don't enjoy accounting as much as we do or you haven't hired someone who does.

Why Choose Diablo Hills Accounting?

Save Money. Small business owners spend up to 10 hours per month doing their books. If their time is worth, say, $75 per hour, that means they are spending up to $750 per month plus their valuable time doing something other than what they got into business to do! CPA's are requisite, but they can be expensive for weekly/monthly accounting, and most would rather we do it, anyway. With all the money you'll save, you can pay for a good accountant who will have everything clean and ready for your CPA at tax time, and then some.

Save Time. You got into business to sell a product or service that means something to you and in order to make a living. Understandably, you would rather DO what you got into business to do! When you outsource the accounting to an experienced professional, you can use that time to grow and better your business.

Gain Expertise. Accounting is a complex, time-consuming, and intense procedure. Hiring a reputable, experienced accountant who, through years of training and experience, understands how its nuances can make your business more efficient, puts a finance expert on your team; someone who will not just input data, but analyze it and offer cost-saving ideas and advice for the future.

I happened to enjoy using QuickBooks years ago when I was Director of Operations for a local small business; so much so that I started Diablo Hills Accounting. Having also owned several small businesses of my own, I can see through your eyes and offer you experienced, accurate, customized accounting as well.

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